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ModeloDescripcionPrecio (USD) 
21075-NRecessed Press Fit Contact w/Wire Leads, 3/8? Diameter, Closed Loop, White, 1/2? Gap Size2.03
31076CW-NRecessed Steel Door Contact w/Wire Leads, 3/4? Diameter, Wide Gap, SPDT, White, 3/4? Gap Size. Single Pole-Double Throw24.59
41076D-GRecessed Steel Door Contact w/Wire Leads, 1? Diameter, DPDT, Grey, 1/2? Gap Size. Double Pole-Double Throw25.14
51076W-NRecessed Steel Door Contact w/Leads, 1? Diameter, SPDT, Wide Gap, White, 1? Gap Size. Single Pole-Double Throw24.59
61078C-NRecessed Steel Door Contact w/Wire Leads, 3/4? Diameter, Closed Loop, White, 3/8? Gap Size10.25
71078CW-GRecessed Steel Door Contact w/Wire Leads, 3/4? Diameter, Closed Loop, Wide Gap, Grey, 3/4? Gap Size12.24
81078W-GRecessed Steel Door Contact w/Wire Leads, 1? Diameter, Wide Gap, Grey, 1? Gap Size. Closed Loop12.24
91078W-NRecessed Steel Door Contact w/Wire Leads, 1? Diameter, Wide Gap, White, 1? Gap Size. Closed Loop12.24
101084TW-NSurface Terminal Contact, Extra Wide Gap, SPDT, White, 2? Gap Size. Single Pole Double Throw24.25
111085T-GSurface Screw Mount Terminal Contact, Closed Loop, Grey, 3/4? Gap Size2.19
121085TW-NSurface Screw Mt Terminal Contact, Closed Loop, Wide Gap, White, 1 1/2? Gap Size6.87
131086T-NSurface Terminal Mount, White, Open Loop13.21
141285T-MDesigner Styled Terminal Contact, Brown, 3/4? Gap Size5.43
151285T-NDesigner Styled Terminal Contact, White, 3/4? Gap Size5.43
162202AU-LOverhead Door Floor Mount Contact w/Universal Magnet, Closed Loop, 3? Gap Size. 18? Stainless Steel Armored Cable24.43
172302A-LCurtain Door Track Mount Contact w/Armored Cable, Up to 3? Gap Size. Closed Loop; Normally Open. Form A57.94
182505A-LAluminum Housing Armored Cable Contact, Closed Loop, Wide Gap, 3? Gap Size39.96
192507A-LAluminum Housing Armored Cable Contact, SPDT, Wide Gap, 3? Gap Size. Single Pole-Double Throw51.73
203008M-10PKGRecessed Roller Plunger, Shorty, Brown. 10-Pack67.13
213012N-10PKGRecessed Plunger Clip Mount White. 10-Pack82.50
223040-WPanic Switch w/Terminals, Surface Mount, SPDT, LED, Red LED; Latching LED Circuit. Screw Terminals. Single Pole-Double Throw. UL Listed37.60
233045-WPanic Switch w/Terminals, SPST, Surface Mount, Screw Terminals. Single Pole-Single Throw18.31
24430209003Model T-500SW reader, black, mullion mount, S-F/2F and Wiegand communications, with pigtail. Reads GE proximity, Mifare (ISO14443A) and Vicinity (ISO15693), HID proximity & Corp 1000336.31
255150-WShock Sensor, 2-Wire, White15.71
26521BXTPhotoelectric 2-Wire Smoke Detector w/CleanMe and Heat Sensor, 6/12 or 12/24VDC. Smart Dual Fixed/Rate of Rise Heat Sensors54.96
275402-WMetal Enclosure, Assault Sensor, 2-Wire, Includes Lithium Battery, Grey53.57
285414-WGlassbreak Shock Sensor, 2-Wire, Tamper, White, Closed Loop, Lithium Powered, UL Listed50.54
295422-WGlassbreak Shock Sensor, 4-wire, loop powered, latch LED only, UL Metal Enclosure, White57.61
305812A-WRectangle Acoustic Sensor, UL Listed. Tamper47.60
315812NTShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor (Rectangular Housing) form A. 3 - 35 Adjustable Range47.60
3260-578-10-95Crystal Water-Resistant Pendant Panic. Allows a person to wear a sensor that can activate a panic alarm. Recessed panic button prevents false alarms. Optional wall mount bracket available. Compatible with all panels. Use with Quik Bridge Receivers68.63
3360-606-319.54-Button Crystal Keychain Touchpad. Light Control Capability64.90
3460-803-04SuperBus 2000 2-Line LCD Alphanumeric Touchpad: Date, Time, Text Zone Descriptions and Customized Text in a 2X20 Liquid Crystal Display. Allows for On-Site Installer Programming233.29
35700192001Contactless (ISO 15693) smart card, white gloss front/back, serial number encoding, SLI-2, no ext ID, no slot punch4.59
36AS395Corrosion-Resistant Outdoor ATM Siren. 10-14.5 VDC. 1.9A current draw. 112dB output. Corrosion-resistant polycarbonate housing. Protected against foam injection & tampering. ?Hold-off? circuit activates siren if external wiring is cut. White230.26
37DST-100Tape, Double-Sided Foam, 1/2? X 1/2?15.55
38DV1201AStructural Vibration Sensor for Vaults and Safes299.89
39DV1221AStructural Vibration Sensor for ATMs and Night Deposit Safes299.89
40GS600-WInertia Shock Sensor, Mini, White22.58
41GS614-WSingle Zone Analyzer59.13
42KTS-250-1616-channel Distribution Amplifier, 4 Outputs per Channel1131.10
43NX-148E192-Zone LCD Keypad w/Door 6.2? W X 5.3? H X 1.3? D. Swing-Down Removable Door Conceals Controls, White168.60
44NX-216E16-Zone Expander Module, NX-8E Microprocessor Controlled 8-16-Zone Hardwire Expander Module for the NX-8E. Maximum-Zone Count of 192. Can Be Mounted Up to 2500? From the Control Panel105.08
45NX-320ESmart Power Supply and Bus Extender Remote Power Supply. 3 Programmable Outputs and 1 Dedicated Bell Output. Allows a Longer Data Bus Wire Run and Gives More Power to the Panel (Panel Limits Apply)96.80
46NX-480Indoor SAW PIR Motion Sensor Provides Passive Infrared Detection Inside an Enclosed Structure. Two Sensitivity Settings. Small and Unobtrusive. 35 X 40 Coverage Area. Masking Kit Included. Optional Pet Alley Lens Available146.67
47NX-584EHome Automation Interface Module w/RS-232 Provides a Standard RS-232 Bi-Directional DB-9 Connector for Connection to a Home Automation Host System. Programmable Levels of Security. Selectable Baud Rate and Communication Protocol93.55
48NX-590NENX-590E Plus TCP/IP Internet Module370.46
49NX-848E-KITNX-8E Kit w/NX-148E Keypad and Transformer Kit Includes NX-8E Panel, NX-148E LCD Keypad, 16.5VAC, 50VA Transformer377.86
50R1125TW-NRecessed Mini-Max Stubby Press Fit Terminal Wide Gap Contact, White, 7/8? Gap Size7.40
51TVC-SDC2-HRTruVision Covert Smoke Detector (Non-Functioning) 550 TVL Color, 0.4 Lux, 2.8mm Lens, 12VDC Only270.44
52TVC-SDC3-HRTruVision Covert Smoke Detector (Non-Functioning) 550 TVL Color, 0.4 Lux, 3.8mm Lens, 12VDC Only270.44
53TVP-4104TruVision PTZ camera, 36x, 700tvl, d/n, dwdr, pendant indoor/outdoor, 24vac, ip66, ntsc1530.81
54TX-1012-01-1VE Micro DWS, White, 319.5MHz61.19

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